Why Is My Wager Still Open?

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If you've placed a wager on Fubo Sportsbook and the outcome is known, if the wager is still showing as Open, there may be a few reasons for this: 

The game needs to finish

Most wagers will need the game to conclude before statistics are considered official. 

For example, if you wagered Joe Burrow over 1.5 touchdowns thrown, and he throws his second in the third quarter, you know you have won your wager, but it is still showing as open.

This is because we need to wait for the official game statistics to settle your wager.

Waiting on official confirmation

We will normally wait until a league has finalized all statistics before settling wagers to avoid situations where a league's official scoring could change a statistic, possibly affecting the outcome of some wagers.

We need to manually settle the wager

In some cases, we may need to review wagers manually. Manual reviews can cause a delay in settlement and cause your bet to show as open for longer.

If the outcome of your wager is known and the wager has remained open for more than 24 hours past the conclusion of the event, our Virtual Assistant may have additional information, or can help get you in touch with our Customer Care team. Hit the button in the bottom corner of this page to get started.

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