What Is a Parlay?

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A parlay is a single wager that links two or more wagers and is dependent on all of the individual wagers winning simultaneously.

The benefit of betting a parlay is that the payout will be significantly higher than betting each wager individually.

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How do I place a Parlay wager?

To place a parlay wager, simply select two or more outcomes you believe will occur.

Image of the NBA screen with three different outcomes highlighted

In the example above, the three legs of the parlay are that the combined score of the Philadelphia vs. Miami game will be over 209, that Phoenix will beat Dallas, and that Milwaukee will cover the +5.5 point spread against Boston

  • Selecting multiple wagers will automatically generate the option to place a parlay wager
Please note: Fubo Sportsbook does not allow single-game parlays at this time. This means that all of the wagers in your parlay must be from different games or events.

Next, under Parlay, enter the amount you would like to wager.

Image of the Parly stake entry panel with the amount highlighted

Finally, as odds can change prior to an event starting, make sure to select the button acknowledging that you accept all changes. Review your wager, and if everything looks good, select Place bet.


How do I win a Parlay wager?

To win a parlay, all the different outcomes you selected must occur. 

If one of the outcomes does not occur, you will lose the wager.

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