How Can I Set Account Limits?

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Note: The availability and appearance of the account limits shown on this page may vary depending on your state.

Account Limits are self-imposed limits that you can set to monitor your play on Fubo Sportsbook.

You can limit the amount of time spent gaming with Fubo Sportsbook, limit deposit and wager amounts, or if needed, take a break from gaming.

For more information on what limits are available, see this article

How do I find account limits?

Account Limits are available in your Account Settings

To find your account settings, from the Fubo Sportsbook home page, select your profile button from the top of the screen

  • From the menu, select Account Settings


  • Next, select Limits


  • Finally, from the Limits screen, select the account limit you would like to set

How can I set an account limit?

Choose an option below to learn more about setting specific account limits:

Deposit Limit

Image of Deposit Limit page

  • From the Limits page, select Deposit Limit
  • Enter the amount you would not like your deposits to exceed in one or more of the available fields (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Note: Deposit limits will go into effect immediately
  • Select Save Changes to finalize
To decrease a deposit limit, enter the new amount into one or more of the available fields and select Save Changes. If you are decreasing the limit amount, that change will occur immediately. If you would like to increase or remoe the limit amount, please contact our customer service team after the previously selected time period has expired

Stake Limit

Image of Stake Limits screen

Stake limits will restrict the amount you can wager over 1-6 days, weekly, or monthly. To set a stake limit:

  • From the Limits page, select Stake Limit
  • Enter the amount you would not like your wagers to exceed
  • Select a time period
  • Select Save Changes

Session Limit

Image of Session Limits page

Setting a session limit will restrict the amount of time per day you can spend on Fubo Sportsbook

  • From the Limits page, select Session Limit
  • Select the amount of time you would not like to play for longer than each day
  • Select Save Changes


Image of Timeouts page

To set a timeout:

  • From the Limits page, select TImeouts
  • Check the box next to Enable Timeout
  • Next, select the amount of time you would like to take a timeout for
  • Select Save Changes
Once a timeout is enabled, you will not be able to deposit or place any wagers. You will still be able to log in and withdraw funds from your account.


Image of Self-Exclusion page

A self-exclusion is a temporary suspension of your account. Please note that you will not be able to access your Fubo Sportsbook account during a period of self-exclusion. Please withdraw funds prior to self-excluding, or contact us to withdraw funds without accessing your account.

To self-exclude:

  • Ensure you read and understand all of the listed information by selecting the checkbox next to each statement
  • Select the time period for which you would like to self-exclude
  • Select Self-Exclude
Note: Once your self-exclusion period has ended, please contact our customer care team if you would like to reinstate your account. Find contact options available here.

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